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Secure, distributed, append-only log

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Hypercore is a secure, distributed append-only log. This crate is a limited Rust port of the original Javascript holepunchto/hypercore. The goal is to maintain binary compatibility with the LTS version with regards to disk storage.

See hypercore-protocol-rs for the corresponding wire protocol implementation.


  • Create in-memory and disk hypercores
  • Append to hypercore either a single entry or a batch of entries
  • Get entries from hypercore
  • Clear range from hypercore, with optional support for sparse files
  • Support basic replication by creating proofs in a source hypercore and verifying and applying them to a destination hypercore
  • Support tokio or async-std runtimes
  • Support WASM for in-memory storage
  • Test Javascript interoperability for supported features
  • Add optional read cache
  • Support the new manifest in the wire protocol to remain compatible with upcoming v11
  • Finalize documentation and release v1.0.0


// Create an in-memory hypercore using a builder
let mut hypercore = HypercoreBuilder::new(Storage::new_memory().await.unwrap())

// Append entries to the log
hypercore.append(b"Hello, ").await.unwrap();

// Read entries from the log
assert_eq!(hypercore.get(0).await.unwrap().unwrap(), b"Hello, ");
assert_eq!(hypercore.get(1).await.unwrap().unwrap(), b"world!");

Find more examples in the examples folder, and/or run:

cargo run --example memory
cargo run --example disk
cargo run --example replication


cargo add hypercore


This crate uses #![forbid(unsafe_code)] to ensure everythong is implemented in 100% Safe Rust.


To test interoperability with Javascript, enable the js_interop_tests feature:

cargo test --features js_interop_tests

Run benches with:

cargo bench


Want to join us? Check out our "Contributing" guide and take a look at some of these issues:


MIT OR Apache-2.0


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