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Push and pull git repos to/from an s3 bucket, encrypted using gpg

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Git Remote S3 Helper

Push and pull git repos to/from an s3 bucket. Uses gpg to encrypt the repo contents (but not branch names!) before sending to s3.

This likely most useful for small teams who don't want to host their own private repository, but still want to manage their own encryption. For example, my use case is periodically backing up a repo from a desktop and pull to a laptop to develop remotely.

Example Usage

Add a remote using the s3 transport:

git remote add s3remote s3://my_bucket/prefix

And then you can push/pull to the remote as usual:

git pull s3remote master

git push s3remote

Or even clone from s3:

git clone s3://my_bucket/prefix


  • Put git-remote-s3 in your PATH
    • Download the latest release here, gunzip and put it in your PATH
    • Or, install using cargo: cargo install git-remote-s3
  • Make sure s3 credentials are setup
    • See here for details on how the rusoto library loads as credentials (similar to the aws command line).
  • Setup gpg
    • gpg encryption will be attempted using git config user.email as a recipient. You'll want to ensure you have public and private keys setup for this user.
    • Alternatively, you can set a list of space-delimited recipients using the remote.<name>.gpgRecipientsconfig.

Design Notes

Due to the eventual consistency behaviour of s3, the semantics of pushing are slightly different when pushing to a 'proper' git repository. An attempt is made to prevent non-force pushes that do not include the current head as an ancestor (as proper git repos do), but eventual consistency means this is not guaranteed. Its possible for multiple heads to exist for the same branch, in which case the clients consider the newest head to be the truth. All heads for a branch can be seen using git ls-remote - the latest (newest) head the have the branch's name; older head will be shown using the naming scheme: <branch_name>__<sha>. An old head is retained until a new head is pushed that includes the old head as an ancestor, at which point the old head is deleted. This prevents any data loss, but puts the burden on the user to manually merge in old branches.

Each branch is stored (after being bundled with git bundle and encrypted with gpg) on s3 using the key s3://bucket/prefix/<ref_name>/<sha>.bundle. On average, a git push will incur two list, a put and a delete s3 operation. A git pull will incur a list and a get s3 operation.

Future improvements

  • A better way to notify the user there are multiple heads on s3.
    • Show warning when attempting to push/fetch and there are multiple heads for a branch?
  • Allow disabling gpg with remote.<name>.gpg
  • use gpg.program


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