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Generate an ePub book from a simple plaintext descriptor

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Generate an ePub book from a simple plaintext descriptor.




Install via:

cargo install gen-epub-book

Copy this somewhere:

Name: Simple ePub demonstration
Cover: cover.png

Image-Content: simple/chapter_image.png
Content: simple/ctnt.html

Author: nabijaczleweli
Date: 2017-02-08T15:30:18+01:00
Language: en-GB

Modify to your liking, then, assuming you put the file in "example/test.epupp" and want to write the result to "out/test.epub", run:

gen-epub-book example/test.epupp out/test.epub

For more detailed usage information and tag list, see the manpage, and for a full guide see the webpage.

Versions in other languages

The original in AWK.
A rewrite in C++.
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