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Fast, SIMD-accelerated hash function for content-defined chunking

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The GEAR hashing function is a fast, rolling hash function that is well suited for content defined chunking.

In particular, this function is used as a building block for the FastCDC algorithm.

The implementation provided in this crate consists of both a simple, scalar variant, as well as optimized versions for the SSE4.2 and AVX2 instruction sets.


use gearhash::Hasher;

// set up initial state
let mut chunks = vec![];
let mut offset = 0;

// create new hasher
let mut hasher = Hasher::new();

// loop through all matches, and push the corresponding chunks
while let Some(boundary) = hasher.next_match(&buf[offset..], MASK) {
    chunks.push(&buf[offset..offset + boundary]);
    offset += boundary;

// push final chunk


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