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A static site generator to learn Rust and to build my personal blog

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Futhorc is an educational exercise to learn Rust while writing a static site generator.


The library code for the futhorc static site generator. The architecture can be generally broken down into two distinct steps:

  1. Parsing posts from source files on disk ([crate::post])
  2. Converting the posts into output files on disk ([crate::write])

Of the two, the second step is the more involved. It is itself composed of three distinct sub-steps:

  1. Building post pages
  2. Building index pages
  3. Rendering all pages to disk

Again here the second sub-step is the more involved, because we need to create groups of index pages for each tag and another group for the empty tag which corresponds to all posts. A group of index pages is referred to as an "index", and each index is paginated--converted into groups of pages based on a configurable number of posts per index page.

The third substep is pretty straight-forward: for each page, apply the template (either the post template or the index template) and write the result to disk.


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