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bin+lib funksteckdose

Utility for controlling wireless remote sockets via 433MHz radio transmitter

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0.1.0 Jun 19, 2019

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This program can be used to control 433MHz wireless power outlets. It implements a subset of the functionality of rc-switch. Check the wiki for a list of known and supported devices.

use funksteckdose::{wiringpi::WiringPiPin, Device, EncodingA, Protocol1, State};

fn main() {
    type Funksteckdose = funksteckdose::Funksteckdose<WiringPiPin, EncodingA, Protocol1>;
    let pin = WiringPiPin::new(0);
    let d: Funksteckdose = Funksteckdose::new(pin);
    d.send("10001", &Device::A, &State::On).expect("Failed to send");


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