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Rust raw FFI bindings for the freesasa C library

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This crate provides raw FFI bindings to the freesasa C library, developed by Simon Mitternacht [1]. FreeSASA allows you to calculate the solvent accessible surface area (SASA) of a protein from its atomic coordinates. The library is written in C, and is available under the MIT license.

The bindings in this crate are automatically generated by bindgen. Since this crate provides raw access to a C-library, it is on the user to ensure that memory safety is maintained.

For most uses it is recommended to use the RustSASA crate (which is currently not publicly available). RustSASA aims to provide a safe idiomatic way of working with freesasa from within Rust.

Please contact me via email, ow257@cam.ac.uk, if you are interested in access to RustSASA.



Currently, the docs aren't availible on docs.rs, since the build environment doesn't permit for the building of this crate. There is an open issue with the maintainers of docs.rs about this. Hopefully, it will be resolved soon.

Note, the docs hosted here, are linked to whatever is on the main branch of the git repo, so may be ahead of the current version on crates.io. This is unlikely since this crate will only change if freesasa is updated.


The MIT license


[1] Simon Mitternacht (2016) FreeSASA: An open source C library for solvent accessible surface area calculations. F1000Research 5:189. (doi: 10.12688/f1000research.7931.1)