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A clone of the 1991 DOS game Duke Nukem 1.

The game is still work in progress. Expect many things to not function yet, such as opponents and some other items missing from the levels.


Screenshots can be found here.


Changelog can be found here

How to install

For now, no compiled executable files are built or distributed by the developers of this project, instead the source must be compiled by the users.

The concrete building steps may vary depending on the environment. Here is a list of a few systems and how to install it there. The generic information can be found in the Rust book.

If your desired system is not listed and you'd like to contribute the guide for it, please either submit an issue or a merge request.

Debian GNU/Linux or derived distributions such as Ubuntu or Mint

  • Install the required development libraries and the Rust compiler: sudo apt install rustc libsdl2-dev libsdl2-ttf-dev.
  • Build and install the game with cargo install freenukum.
  • The files are installed to ~/.cargo/bin. You can add this to your PATH environment variable, or run the data tool and the game with ~/.cargo/bin/freenukum-data-tool and ~/.cargo/bin/freenukum.

Game data

Currently the game requires the installation of the original game graphics data. The project includes the freenukum-data-tool executable which can be used for installation.

The game data can be obtained:

  • Shareware episode from ftp://ftp.3drealms.com/share/1duke.zip (free of charge)
  • Search on https://archive.org/ for it.
  • The Duke Nukem 3D CD contains a copy of the full version.
  • Buy it from an online store if you find it. It used to be available on GOG.com, but that is no longer the case. Maybe it will be available some time in the future again.

The home of FreeNukum is https://salsa.debian.org/silwol/freenukum.


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