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A cut optimizer gui for cutting rectangular pieces from panels

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freecut is a free and open source cut optimizer software for optimizing rectangular cut pieces from panels. It is easy to use and after you have made the entries in the gui, a pdf file is created with the result.

This software is written in Rust using the Rust bindings for the FLTK Graphical User Interface library fltk-rs, comfy-table, pdf-canvas and the genetic algorithms and heuristics from the cut-optimizer-2d crate.

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Linux and other

First install cargo.

Now, compile the freecut-crate:

cargo install freecut


This software helps you to optimize panel cuts.

Add a stockpiece

To add a stockpiece, fill all fields and press the "add" Button, the stockpiece will apear in the table in the output fields.

Add a cutpiece

To add a cutpiece, fill all fields and press the "add" Button, the cutpiece will apear in the table in the output.


If a pattern on the workpiece is to be taken into account, then select the respective direction. In this case, however, a pattern must also be selected on each cutpiece.


Choose a cutwidth between 1 and 15mm and a prefered Layout. Guillotine-Layout is better for panel-saws. Now press the [optimize]-Button and a pdf-File with a solution will be generated.


Contributions are welcome, please create an issue or pull request.


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