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Fortune Kind

Fortune favors the kind! A fortune rewrite in rust, without the contentious garbage.

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Note This software is under active development. It's a great time to contribute!


To install the crate:

cargo install fortune-kind


We welcome contributions! If you find any issues or have suggestions, please open an issue. If you'd like to contribute directly, feel free to open a pull request.


Many distributions have faced challenges with fortune-mod due to concerns about its maintainer and the presence of contentious fortunes in its data files. Instead of trying to replace fortune-mod or recreate a historically accurate fortune program, our goal is to serve those who value handpicked, randomly generated fortunes.

Fortune Acceptance Process

We manually integrate fortunes from fortune-mod, moving them from the oldtunes directory to the fortunes directory. Each fortune undergoes a rigorous manual verification process. While the selection criteria can be a topic of discussion, the final say rests with cafkafk's judgment.


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