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FireDBG Event Indexer

firedbg-stream-indexer is a streaming indexer. It can stream events from .firedbg.ss files, index them in real-time, and write updates to .sqlite incrementally.

There are 4 event types:

Event Code Event Type Description
B Breakpoint e.g. a breakpoint hit by fire::dbg!
P Panic Program panic
F Function Call -
R Function Return -

The indexer reconstructs the call stack for each thread from the event stream, and write a parent_frame_id for each F event.

The indexer also deserializes the value blobs and translates them into JSON. The JSON is then transformed into pretty-printed Rust-like value strings:

Value Blob -> RValue -> Lifted RValue -> Pretty Print

The database schema can be found under indexer/src/entity/, which is defined by a set of SeaORM entities.

Highly recommend you to install a SQLite extension for VS Code. You can find some sample indexes in the Testbench.


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