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JSON streaming parser

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JSON event parser is a simple streaming JSON parser and serializer implementation in Rust.

It does not aims to be the fastest or the more versatile JSON parser possible but to be an as simple as possible implementation.

If you want fast and battle-tested code you might prefer to use json, serde_json or simd-json.

Reader example:

use json_event_parser::{JsonReader, JsonEvent};
use std::io::Cursor;

let json = b"{\"foo\": 1}";
let mut reader = JsonReader::from_reader(Cursor::new(json));

let mut buffer = Vec::new();
assert_eq!(JsonEvent::StartObject, reader.read_event(&mut buffer)?);
assert_eq!(JsonEvent::ObjectKey("foo"), reader.read_event(&mut buffer)?);
assert_eq!(JsonEvent::Number("1"), reader.read_event(&mut buffer)?);
assert_eq!(JsonEvent::EndObject, reader.read_event(&mut buffer)?);
assert_eq!(JsonEvent::Eof, reader.read_event(&mut buffer)?);

# std::io::Result::Ok(())

Writer example:

use json_event_parser::{JsonWriter, JsonEvent};

let mut buffer = Vec::new();
let mut writer = JsonWriter::from_writer(&mut buffer);

assert_eq!(buffer.as_slice(), b"{\"foo\":1}");

# std::io::Result::Ok(())


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