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A matrix message logger with full text search support

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Seshat is a database and indexer for Matrix events.

Its main use is to be used as a full text search backend for Matrix clients.

JavaScript bindings

Seshat provides JavaScript bindings which can be found in the seshat-node subdir.


There are two modes of operation for Seshat, adding live events as they come in:

use seshat::{Database, Event, Profile};
use tempfile::tempdir;

let tmpdir = tempdir().unwrap();
let mut db = Database::new(tmpdir.path()).unwrap();

/// Method to call for every live event that gets received during a sync.
fn add_live_event(event: Event, profile: Profile, database: &Database) {
    database.add_event(event, profile);
/// Method to call on every successful sync after live events were added.
fn on_sync(database: &mut Database) {

The other mode is to add events from the room history using the /room/{room_id}/messages Matrix API endpoint. This method supports storing checkpoints which remember the arguments to continue fetching events from the /room/{room_id}/messages API:

database.add_historic_events(events, old_checkpoint, new_checkpoint)?;

Once events have been added a search can be done:

let result = database.search("test", &SearchConfig::new()).unwrap();


Seshat uses standard cargo commands build and test.

You can install pre-commit and then pre-commit install to ensure your work is linted on commit.


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