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Easier wrappers for Win32 API stuff, safe when possible

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Easier to use wrappers for winapi stuff.

All wrappers are kept in feature gated modules the same as how winapi works.


  • Names:
    • Snake case function names: GetLastError becomes get_last_error
    • If there's an A and W variant of a winapi function, the W variant is used without "_w" on the end: GetMessageW becomes get_message
    • Some functions are new utilities to this crate, they just have names that don't conflict with any winapi name.
  • Arguments:
    • Enums are used when possible.
    • If there's some "obvious" default for the user to calculate then Option is sometimes used and it will do the calculation for you.
    • Functions with a large number of arguments are converted to take a single struct with a field for each argument so you don't have to remember the ordering perfectly.
  • Return Values:
    • Usage of bool, Option, or Result is done whenever possible.
    • Numeric codes are given newtype wrappers as often as possible: u32 error values become wrapped in pub struct ErrorCode(pub u32) for example.
  • Safety:
    • Things are all still left as unsafe until a careful investigation of the safety involved can be done.
    • The investigation process is generally "ask WinBun and hope they're not too busy to answer".