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rosu-v2 is a wrapper for the osu!api v2. As such, it provides a bunch of additional endpoints and data over rosu which wraps the osu!api v1.

However, osu!'s api v2 is still very much a WIP and also weakly documented. Hence, there is a chance that some things might break either because of changes in the api or because the response is not being parsed properly.

Feel free to open an issue when things don't work as expected.


Unlike api v1, api v2 does not require an api key by users. Instead, it requires a client id and a client secret.

To get those, you must register an application here. Unless you're interested in logging into the API through an osu! account, the callback URL here does not matter and can be left blank.

If you went through the OAuth process for a user, you can provide the callback URL and received code when creating the client in order to make requests on behalf of the authenticated user.


The following endpoints are currently supported:

  • beatmaps/lookup: A specific beatmap including its beatmapset
  • beatmaps: Up to 50 beatmaps at once including their beatmapsets.
  • beatmaps/{map_id}/attributes: The difficulty attributes of a beatmap
  • beatmaps/{map_id}/scores: The global score leaderboard for a beatmap
  • beatmaps/{map_id}/scores/users/{user_id}[/all]: Get (all) top score(s) of a user on a beatmap. Defaults to the play with the max score, not pp
  • beatmapsets/{mapset_id}: The beatmapset including all of its difficulty beatmaps
  • beatmapsets/events: Various events around a beatmapset such as status, genre, or language updates, kudosu transfers, or new issues
  • beatmapsets/search: Search for beatmapsets; the same search as on the osu! website
  • beatmapsets/lookup: Find a beatmapset using a beatmap ID.
  • comments: Most recent comments and their replies up to two levels deep
  • forums/topics/{topic_id}: A forum topic and its posts
  • matches: List of currently open multiplayer lobbies
  • matches/{match_id}: More specific data about a specific multiplayer lobby including participating players and occured events
  • me[/{mode}]: Detailed info about the authenticated user [in the specified mode] (requires OAuth)
  • news: Recent news
  • rankings/{mode}/{ranking_type}: The global leaderboard of either performance points, ranked score, countries, or a spotlight
  • users/{user_id}/{recent_activity}: List of a user's recent events like achieved medals, ranks on a beatmaps, username changes, supporter status updates, beatmapset status updates, ...
  • scores/{mode}/{score_id}: A specific score including its beatmap, beatmapset, and user
  • scores/{mode}/{score_id}/download: Replay of a score (requires OAuth)
  • seasonal-backgrounds: List of seasonal backgrounds i.e. their URL and artists
  • spotlights: List of overviews of all spotlights
  • users/{user_id}[/{mode}]: Detailed info about a user [in the specified mode]
  • users/{user_id}/{beatmapsets/{map_type}: List of beatmapsets either created, favourited, or most played by the user
  • users/{user_id}/kudosu: A user's recent kudosu transfers
  • users/{user_id}/scores/{score_type}: Either top, recent, pinned, or global #1 scores of a user
  • wiki/{locale}[/{path}]: The general wiki page or a specific topic if the path is specified

The api itself provides a bunch more endpoints which are not yet implemented because they're really niche and/or missing any documentation.

If you find an endpoint on the api page that you want to use but is missing in rosu-v2, feel free to open an issue.


// For convenience sake, all types can be found in the prelude module
use rosu_v2::prelude::*;

async fn main() {
    // Initialize the client
    let client_id: u64 = 0;
    let client_secret: String = String::from("");
    let osu: Osu = match Osu::new(client_id, client_secret).await {
        Ok(client) => client,
        Err(why) => panic!(
            "Failed to create client or make initial osu!api interaction: {}",

    // Get peppy's top 10-15 scores in osu!standard.
    // Note that the username here can only be used because of the `cache` feature.
    // If you are fine with just providing user ids, consider disabling this feature.
    let scores: Vec<Score> = osu.user_scores("peppy")
        .best() // top scores; alternatively .recent(), .pinned(), or .firsts()
        .unwrap_or_else(|why| panic!("Failed to get scores: {}", why));

    // Search non-nsfw loved mania maps matching the given query.
    // Note that the order of called methods doesn't matter for any endpoint.
    let search_result: BeatmapsetSearchResult = osu.beatmapset_search()
        .query("blue army stars>3")
        .unwrap_or_else(|why| panic!("Failed to search mapsets: {}", why));

    // Get the german wiki page on hit objects
    let wiki_page: WikiPage = osu.wiki("de")
        .unwrap_or_else(|why| panic!("Failed to get wiki page: {}", why));


Flag Description deps
default Enable the cache feature
cache Cache username-user_id pairs so that usernames can be used on all user endpoints instead of only user ids dashmap
serialize Implement serde::Serialize for most types, allowing for manual serialization
metrics Provide a count of all request types the client makes with the function Osu::metrics returning a prometheus::IntCounterVec prometheus
replay Enables the method Osu::replay to parse a replay. Note that Osu::replay_raw is available without this feature but provides raw bytes instead of a parsed replay osu-db
rkyv Implement rkyv's Archive, Deserialize, and Serialize for most types, allowing for insanely fast (de)serializing. rkyv


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