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app type-sitter-cli

CLI for type-sitter (generate typed wrappers for tree-sitter grammars from node-types.json and queries)

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type-sitter-cli: Command-line utility to generate source files with type-sitter wrappers


See type-sitter for more information. This is the command-line tool which generates typed-safe wrappers for tree-sitter nodes.

If a project depends on this (and as with type-sitter-proc), it must also depend on type-sitter-lib and tree-sitter.


Be aware that this will generate

# If not already installed
cargo install type-sitter-cli
# In your cargo project root directory
type-sitter-cli path/to/tree-sitter-foobar-lang
# The default output directory is `src/type_sitter`. You'll need to create the root module of this directory yourself
echo "pub mod foobar_lang;\n" > src/type_sitter.rs
# To add type-sitter-lib as a dependency (also in cargo root)
cargo add type-sitter-lib

Advanced usage

# Add type-sitter-lib with the yak-sitter feature (see above section)
cargo add type-sitter-lib --features yak-sitter
# Specify a custom output directory and use yak-sitter
type-sitter-cli vendor/tree-sitter-foobar-lang -o generated_src --use-yak-sitter
echo "pub mod foobar_lang;\n" > generated_src.rs
# Specify a custom tree-sitter facade
type-sitter-cli vendor/tree-sitter-foobar-lang -o generated_src --use-yak-sitter --facade "crate::my_tree_sitter"
# You can generate bindings for multiple grammars in the same directory
type-sitter-cli vendor/tree-sitter-typescript -o generated_src --use-yak-sitter
echo "pub mod typescript;\n" >> generated_src.rs
# Generate only node types or queries
type-sitter-cli vendor/tree-sitter-rust/src/node-types.json -o generated_src --use-yak-sitter
echo "pub mod rust;\n" >> generated_src.rs  # generated_src/rust.rs contains only node types
type-sitter-cli vendor/tree-sitter-json/queries -o generated_src/json --use-yak-sitter
echo "pub mod json;\n" >> generated_src.rs  # generated_src/json.rs contains only queries
# To see help for the CLI program
type-sitter-cli --help


  • Q: I can't import the generated sources.

  • A: type-sitter-cli doesn't generate the root module for generated sources itself, you must do so manually. e.g. if the root module is the default (src/type_sitter), either create src/type_sitter.rs or src/type_sitter/mod.rs and add pub mod <my_language>; to it.

  • Q: I get build errors for missing symbols within type_sitter-lib.

  • A: Make sure you have the type-sitter-lib dependency in your Cargo.toml

  • Q: I get build errors for symbols within tree-sitter.

  • A: Make sure you are using tree-sitter 0.22.


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