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Collection of tree-sitter queries for syntastica.

See the project overview for more information.

This crate defines constants for three types of tree-sitter queries for lots of parsers. It is intended to be used via syntastica-parsers, syntastica-parsers-git, or syntastica-parsers-gitdep.

The three types of queries are:

  1. highlights: defining the highlight captures for nodes
  2. injections: defining where other languages are injected for highlighting
  3. locals: keeping track of scopes, variables, parameters, etc. to have occurrences of those be highlighted the same everywhere

The constants are defined as <language_name>_<kind>[_CRATES_IO] where <kind> is one of HIGHLIGHTS, INJECTIONS, or LOCALS. The INJECTIONS and LOCALS may be empty for some languages. The constants with the _CRATES_IO suffix aim to be compatible with the latest version of the parser that was published on crates.io. These are used by syntastica-parsers, whereas the normal queries are used by syntastica-parsers-git and syntastica-parsers-gitdep.

The crate source is automatically generated with cargo xtask codegen inside the syntastica workspace.

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