Cargo Features

fenestroj has no features set by default.

fenestroj = { version = "0.0.11", features = ["consoleapi", "errhandlingapi", "handleapi", "libloaderapi", "minwinbase", "minwindef", "processenv", "processthreadsapi", "profileapi", "winbase", "wincon", "wincontypes", "windef", "winerror", "wingdi", "winnt", "winuser"] }
consoleapi = errhandlingapi, wincon, winnt

TODO: should we require processenv here? It's very hard to do much with the console if you can't get the standard handles.

Enables consoleapi of winapi

errhandlingapi consoleapi? libloaderapi? processenv? profileapi? winbase? wincon? winuser? = minwindef, winerror

Enables errhandlingapi of winapi

handleapi processenv? wincon?

Enables handleapi of winapi

libloaderapi winuser? = errhandlingapi

Enables libloaderapi of winapi

minwinbase wincon?

Enables minwinbase of winapi

minwindef errhandlingapi? winbase?

Enables minwindef of winapi

processenv = errhandlingapi, handleapi, winbase, winnt

Enables processenv of winapi


Enables processthreadsapi of winapi

profileapi = errhandlingapi

Enables profileapi of winapi

winbase processenv? = errhandlingapi, minwindef

Enables winbase of winapi

wincon consoleapi? = errhandlingapi, handleapi, minwinbase, wincontypes, windef, winnt

Enables wincon of winapi

wincontypes wincon?

Enables wincontypes of winapi

windef wincon? wingdi? winuser?

Enables windef of winapi

winerror errhandlingapi?

Enables winerror of winapi

wingdi = windef

Enables wingdi of winapi

winnt consoleapi? processenv? wincon?

Enables winnt of winapi

winuser = errhandlingapi, libloaderapi, windef

Enables winuser of winapi