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Editor Alias: making paths in command line tools actionable

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ea: Making CLI Outputs Actionable

ea remembers file paths from CLI output for later use.


CLI programs like find, rg, clang etc, print out file paths (and line/columns). ea lets you act on them. Here's how:

Aliasing In Action

By running your command through ea, each path in its output get marked with a number in the front. This number can be used to retrieve its corresponding path later for your purposes. Combined with some shell configurations, this can provide a powerful experience.


Via a package manager

ea is available in the following package managers.

Manager / OS Command
Cargo cargo install ea-command
Homebrew brew install dduan/formulae/ea
AUR / Arch yay -S ea-command
Nix flake Use github:dduan/ea

Pre-built executable

Choose an pre-built executable from the release page that fits your platform to download. Unpack it somewhere you'd like to run it from.



ea is inspired by keith/tag, which was inspired by aykamko/tag.


See LICENSE.txt.


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