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nightly no-std drone-cortexm

ARM® Cortex®-M platform crate for Drone, an Embedded Operating System

6 releases

0.14.0 Apr 9, 2021
0.13.1 Dec 23, 2020
0.13.0 Nov 28, 2020
0.12.2 Sep 27, 2020
0.12.1 May 13, 2020

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ARM® Cortex®-M platform crate for Drone, an Embedded Operating System.

Supported Cores

Architecture Core name Rust target cortexm_core config flag
ARMv7-M ARM® Cortex®-M3 r0p0 thumbv7m-none-eabi cortexm3_r0p0
ARMv7-M ARM® Cortex®-M3 r1p0 thumbv7m-none-eabi cortexm3_r1p0
ARMv7-M ARM® Cortex®-M3 r1p1 thumbv7m-none-eabi cortexm3_r1p1
ARMv7-M ARM® Cortex®-M3 r2p0 thumbv7m-none-eabi cortexm3_r2p0
ARMv7-M ARM® Cortex®-M3 r2p1 thumbv7m-none-eabi cortexm3_r2p1
ARMv7E-M ARM® Cortex®-M4 r0p0 thumbv7em-none-eabi cortexm4_r0p0
ARMv7E-M ARM® Cortex®-M4 r0p1 thumbv7em-none-eabi cortexm4_r0p1
ARMv7E-M ARM® Cortex®-M4F r0p0 thumbv7em-none-eabihf cortexm4f_r0p0
ARMv7E-M ARM® Cortex®-M4F r0p1 thumbv7em-none-eabihf cortexm4f_r0p1
ARMv8-M ARM® Cortex®-M33 r0p2 thumbv8m.main-none-eabi cortexm33_r0p2
ARMv8-M ARM® Cortex®-M33 r0p3 thumbv8m.main-none-eabi cortexm33_r0p3
ARMv8-M ARM® Cortex®-M33 r0p4 thumbv8m.main-none-eabi cortexm33_r0p4
ARMv8-M ARM® Cortex®-M33F r0p2 thumbv8m.main-none-eabihf cortexm33f_r0p2
ARMv8-M ARM® Cortex®-M33F r0p3 thumbv8m.main-none-eabihf cortexm33f_r0p3
ARMv8-M ARM® Cortex®-M33F r0p4 thumbv8m.main-none-eabihf cortexm33f_r0p4

Rust target triple and cortexm_core config flag should be set at the application level according to this table.



Add the crate to your Cargo.toml dependencies:

drone-cortexm = { version = "0.14.0", features = [...] }

Add or extend std feature as follows:

std = ["drone-cortexm/std"]


Licensed under either of

at your option.


Unless you explicitly state otherwise, any contribution intentionally submitted for inclusion in the work by you, as defined in the Apache-2.0 license, shall be dual licensed as above, without any additional terms or conditions.


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