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2.4.2 May 5, 2022

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A small terminal welcome program written in rust.

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  • pacman-contrib for pacman


  • This program uses the openweathermap API for fetching the weather. You must have an API key from openweathermap for it to work.
  • Update checking and package counting will take a long time, and slow down the program by quite a bit. This cannot be avoided because of the fact that these checks require external system commands. Only use these options if you don't mind losing a second or two of time every time you run the program.
  • The config format has recently changed from JSON to TOML. Make sure you're using the TOML file properly from now on.

How to use

  • Grab the latest release binary and config files from the releases page
  • Copy example_config.toml to ~/.config/draconis/config.toml
  • Change the config to your liking
  • Add the program to your shell's startup


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