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Cross-platform library to gather stats/information from the host

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Gather metrics from the host

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sys_metrics is a WIP project intended to give an alternative to others tools which can be slower or provide too many useless informations. It will try to have at least the same functionality as psutil or heim.

It's a synchronous library which try to be freaking fast (maybe even the fastest) and as dependency-free as possible.

WIP Notes

sys_metrics in it's WIP stage will only support Linux and macOS. The structure is subject to change from version to version. If you have a comment about it or anything else feel free to open an issue.


Add the dependency to your Cargo.toml

sys_metrics = "0.2"

Example of basic usage:

use sys_metrics::{cpu::*};

// This is just a very basic example of the CPU part.
// Check the doc, this crate can do much more.
fn main() {
    let cpufreq = get_cpufreq().unwrap();
    println!("CPU Speed: {:13}MHz\n", cpufreq as u64);

    let cpu_logical = get_logical_count().unwrap();
    let cpu_physical = get_physical_count().unwrap();

    println!("CPU Core: {:12}\nLogical processors: {}", cpu_physical, cpu_logical);

    let loadavg = get_loadavg().unwrap();
    println!("Load average: {:10} {} {}", loadavg.one, loadavg.five, loadavg.fifteen);

For a more complex example, check this crate in use here: speculare-client/src/harvest/data_harvest.rs.


See BENCHMARKS for a comparison of sys_metrics with other crates.

 cargo bench

Supported targets

Target test


Pull requests are welcome. For major changes, please open an issue first to discuss what you would like to change.


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