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Extract graphics assets from doom.wad

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0.1.0 Jan 14, 2019

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Extract graphics assets from doom.wad. At this point only flats are supported.

doom-gfx takes two positional arguments. First, the path to doom.wad, second the name of a flat to extract. A command line invocation may look like this:

doom-gfx doom.wad FLOOR5_1

The output filename is implicitly generated from the flat name by converting it to lower case and appending .png. For this example, doom-gfx would write the image to a file named floor5_1.png. The flat name is case sensitive. To see the list of all flats available, use wad-ls and look for all entries listed between F_START and F_END.

There are a few command line options available for configuring the extraction:

Palettes: The original game includes 14 palettes for different full-screen effects, including the red coloring when you get hurt. Palette 0 is normal.

Colormap: In order to fade images to different brightness, 32 different colormaps are used. Colormap 0 is the brightest. Additionally, colormap 32 is used for god mode and 33 is all-black.

Scale: Because screen resolutions have increased many-fold since Doom was released, the graphic assets are woefully small. Use the scale option to embiggen the pixels using beautiful nearest neighbor filtering.

Try it out

Install via Rust toolchain:

cargo install doom-gfx


doom-gfx doom.wad FLOOR5_1
display floor5_1.png

Command line options

doom-gfx 0.1.0
Magnus Hovland Hoff <maghoff@gmail.com>
Extract graphics from Doom WAD files

    doom-gfx [OPTIONS] <input> <flat>

    -h, --help       Prints help information
    -V, --version    Prints version information

    -c, --colormap <colormap>    Which colormap to use (0-33) [default: 0]
    -p, --palette <palette>      Which palette to use (0-13) [default: 0]
    -s, --scale <scale>          Scale with beautiful nearest neighbor filtering [default: 2]

    <input>    Input WAD file
    <flat>     Flat to extract


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