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A safe, extensible ORM and Query Builder for PostgreSQL, SQLite, and MySQL

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Query schemas not known at compile time with Diesel

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Diesel is built to provide strong compile time guarantees that your queries are valid. To do this, it needs to represent your schema at compile time. However, there are some times where you don't actually know the schema you're interacting with until runtime.

This crate provides tools to work with those cases, while still being able to use Diesel's query builder. Keep in mind that many compile time guarantees are lost. We cannot verify that the tables/columns you ask for actually exist, or that the types you state are correct.

Getting Started

The main function used by this crate is table. Note that you must always provide an explicit select clause when using this crate.

use diesel_dynamic_schema::table;

let users = table("users");
let id = users.column::<Integer, _>("id");
let name = users.column::<Text, _>("name");

users.select((id, name))

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