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Easy multithreaded toy windowing system for learning purposes only

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DGEWS is a simple multithreaded toy windowing system for only learning purposes.


DGEWS is an ordinary window manager for only Windows users. It is pretty simple and straightforward so that anyone can understand and sometimes learn something from it. Indead, my goal is actually to learn the cycle of programming a practical crates and the developement of them.


DGEWS usues the c++ win32 api library wrapper winapi to build its windows. Therefore, anyone else except for Windows OS users cannot use this crate. Currently, this crate is not stable and crashes sometimes, that is why it is better not to use it in production (though I think nobody will use it while winit crate is ready to use). But, if someone wants to use some of its features in their own projects, just take it as I have stated that it is only for educational purposes.


Manager is a central point of this crate: it processes everything and users retrieve the event messages from it. Moreover, window or windows are created with that. The run() method accepts a closure that must be called in each event and users will be given events, the manager itself as well as the control flow of that main events loop

extern crate dgews;
use dgews::prelude::*; // prelude module contains everything

fn main() {
    let mut manager = Manager::new(WindowBuilder::default()
        .with_title("DGEWS Window")
        .with_dimensions(800, 640)
    manager.run(|events, control_flow, manager| {
        match events {
            Events::WindowEvent { id, event } => match event {
                WindowEvents::Create => println!("[INFO]: a new window with id: {} has been created", manager.window().get_id()),

                WindowEvents::Close => {
                    println!("[INFO]: a window with id: {} has been closed", manager.window().get_id());
                    *control_flow => ControlFlow::Exit; // to exit with panicing, use ControlFlow::ExitWithCode(<your number>) instead.

                _=> {}

            Events::MouseEvent { id, event } => match event {
                MouseEvents::MouseMove { x, y, last_x, last_y, dx, dy } => {
                    println!("[INFO]: mouse moved in the window with id {}: x={}, y={}, last_x={}, last_y={} dx={} dy={};", manager.window().get_id(), x, y, last_x, last_y, dx, dy);
                _=> {}

            _=> *control_flow = ControlFlow::Continue,

        if manager.get_key(Key::ESCAPE) == Action::Release {
            println!("[INFO]: program is exiting");
            *control_flow = ControlFlow::Exit;


current features

  • Multithreaded: windows have their own threads and they send messages from there so that when the user is interacting, windows will be still refreshing without waiting for the user to finish their event;
  • Winit stylish style: when I saw the winit crate first time, I really liked it for its structure. Thus, I decided to make something that resembles it;
  • Icons: users can use their own icons;
  • Themes: there is now only light and dark themes;
  • Ready events processing: it actually needs some work there 🤷‍♂️;
  • Easy: a glance of attention to the documentation is enough to utilize the crate;

and its glitches and shortcomings

  • Not ready yet: it is only in alpha mode;
  • System keys error: I don't know why but some system keys such as Alt key are not working properly;
  • Crashes: actually the reason I like rust lang is because it is very fast and safe at the time. However, I think due to the multithread, I have lost that feature of having something working 100% all the time;
  • Not cross-platform: I have used the Windows api crate, so no cross-platform support 😔;


  • Better documentation: I think it has 'pretty nice' documentation. But still there is more to make it even better and more user-friendly.
  • Fix the bugs: I am working on the issues like with the system keys or the window not opening,


Everyone is welcome who are willing to contribute even to the documentation. Thanks in advance. Contact me via:

I am a student of a lyceum that is why I think you won't get the response immediately, however, I will try my best to reply back as soon as possible.


  1. The MIT License
  2. The APACHE 2.0 License