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A tool that can list the 10 biggest directories of the path you support, like df on linux

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0.2.2 Aug 16, 2022
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This project makes a command line tool that can list the 10 biggest directories of the path you support(like df on linux). I am a beginner of rust, the tool may has performant problem, it takes almost 5 minutes to scan my e:/ path on my Windows10 computer with 79GB size of e hard disk. Probably because the e disk contains a lot of frontend projects which contain a huge number of files in node_modules directory that slow the scanning speed.

Caution: The tool was only used and tested on Windows. If you have any problems on other system or have some good advices about speeding scanning performance, please let me know.


cargo install df-rs


df-rs e:/


PS C:\Users\Lenovo> df-rs.exe E:\IdeaProjects\
size                    dir
947mb                   ******
505mb                   rescript-example
500mb                   node-quant
186mb                   rxstate
167mb                   mng-easy-util
125mb                   stockexchangebacktest
123mb                   mng-color-picker
122mb                   mng-rx-state
117mb                   lyttest
109mb                   deliver-fileupload

PS C:\Users\Lenovo> df-rs.exe e:/
get size of e:/System Volume Information failed: Os { code: 5, kind: PermissionDenied, message: "拒绝访问。" }
size                    dir
18219mb                 vscode_proj
13842mb                 mywechat
6382mb                  ***
4924mb                  IdeaProjects
3440mb                  ***
2624mb                  software
2238mb                  ***
1778mb                  ***
1446mb                  ***
1331mb                  ***


~218K SLoC