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Secure, fast and authenticated command-line encryption of files with modern algorithms and an audited encryption backend

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7.6.0 May 24, 2022
6.6.10 May 18, 2022
1.9.4 May 2, 2022

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Dexios - What is it?

Dexios is a fast, secure, and open source command-line encryption tool. It's written entirely in Rust and prioritises security, performance and convenience the most. It uses modern cryptographic AEADs (XChaCha20-Poly1305 and AES-256-GCM), with audited backends to ensure the safety and integrity of your data. It's extremely easy to use Dexios before uploading your files to a cloud service, to ensure that no prying eyes can read them.

You can install Dexios through cargo, with:

cargo install dexios

Or you can download a pre-compiled binary from the releases page!


If you like my work, and want to help support the project, feel free to donate! This is not necessary by any means, so please don't feel obliged to do so.

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Why is the version so high?

We made a lot of (necessary) changes to how Dexios works. In hindsight, earlier versions should've been v0.x.x, but it's too late for that.

Going forward, starting with version 8, we have zero plans to make any incompatible changes. The header prepended to the start of each encrypted file contains a version identifier, and with that, we can be sure to always keep and maintain support for older versions.

We encourage anyone who used an older version of Dexios to decrypt their files, update, and re-encrypt at your earliest convenience. This is to ensure that your files use the new header standard.

Supported Operating Systems

Windows, FreeBSD, Linux, MacOS and Android all are supported by Dexios!

Windows support was added in v8.3.0 - however, there is a catch. When you enter a password into the terminal, it will not be hidden - we have plans to fix this in the near future (keyfiles and environment variables still work flawlessly!) Please open a Github issue if you encounter anything not outlined here.

Android 12 was tested, and Dexios was installed within Termux. Everything is in working order, but please open a Github issue if you find something that doesn't work as intended.

You may find notes on installing for specific platforms in the documentation!


Contributions are very welcome! You're free to submit a PR and I'll take a look at it, provide feedback and (most likely) merge it, provided the tests pass.

Basic Usage

To encrypt a file:

dexios encrypt secret.txt secret.enc

And to decrypt that same file:

dexios decrypt secret.enc secret.txt

To securely erase a file:

dexios erase secret.txt

The Defaults

The defaults used in Dexios are more than adequate for even the most paranoid of users.

By running the simple command dexios -e input.txt output.enc, you are using the following:

  • XChaCha20-Poly1305
  • BLAKE3-Balloon hashing, with appropriately-hard parameters
  • Sensitive data being completely erased from memory
  • A tamper-resistant header that is authenticated along with every block of encrypted data
  • LE31 STREAM encryption

Update Status

Dexios will receive frequent updates, and they are always tested before being released.

Version 8.0.0 did make some breaking changes, and we'd like to apologise for this. The previous headers (containing salt, nonce, etc) were not standardised, and varied in size from 24 bytes to 40 bytes. With v8.0.0, this has been changed completely - now each header is the first 64 bytes of the file, and it contains information such as what mode the file was encrypted in, and which AEAD algorithm was used. It also contains a version tag, meaning we can update things while still supporting older files. We apologise for the inconvenience caused.

Reporting a Vulnerability

Please report any vulnerabilities as a Github issue - we believe all issues should be known, and they are likely to get resolved very quickly this way. Thank you.

As an alternative, you may contact brxken128@tutanota.com

If you find any vulnerabilities within Dexios, and can provide steps/pointers to reproduce, please report them. You may do this anonymously via the email above. I'm afraid I cannot offer any money in return, but I can add you to the list of contributors (at your request).

Supported Versions

Version Supported
< 4.0

More Information

Please view the Documentation to find all of the information related to this project.

It receives frequent updates and is the main source of documentation for Dexios.


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