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What is it?

Dexios-Domain is a library used for managing the core logic behind Dexios, and any applications that require easy integration with the Dexios format.


Dexios-Domain is built on top of Dexios-Core - which uses modern, secure and audited1 AEADs for encryption and decryption.

You may find the audits for both AES-256-GCM and XChaCha20-Poly1305 on the NCC Group's website.

1 Deoxys-II-256 does not have an official audit, so use it at your own risk

Who uses Dexios-Domain?

This library is implemented by Dexios, a secure command-line file encryption utility.

This crate was made to separate the logic away from the end-user application.

It also allows for more things to be built on top of the core logic functionality, such as a GUI application.


If you like my work, and want to help support Dexios, Dexios-Core or Dexios-Domain, feel free to donate! This is not necessary by any means, so please don't feel obliged to do so.

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You can read more about Dexios, Dexios-Core, Dexios-Domain and the technical details in the project's main documentation!


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