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A dotenv replacement


Say you work on a web app. You probably have a local development database, one or more dev/staging/prod databases, a few sets of API keys, etc. If you're like me, you use dotenv or dotenv or dotenv to handle your local config. If you're also like me, you're tired of manually editing your .env file every time you want to switch environments. denver is a little tool that lets you not have to do that.


Put everything you want shared or default among all your environments in your normal .env file. Put your env-specific stuff in .$ENV_NAME.env files, e.g. .dev.env, .staging.env, etc. Run your app with denver "$APP" -e $ENV_NAME, e.g. denver "venv/bin/python flask run" -e dev. denver merges your environment variables together, over-writing "older" variables. By default (but see below), .env is treated as the "oldest" set of variables, so if you define e.g. DATABASE_URL in .env and in .dev.env and pass -e dev, the value from .dev.env will be used.

Env file names are treated case-insentively, so denver -e DEV works the same as -e dev.


You can merge multiple .env files by passing -e $WHATEVER multiple times; the "older" rule applies in order, so -e staging -e dev would result in anything in .env that's also in .staging.env getting clobbered, and anything in .staging.env that's also in .dev.env being clobbered.

You can reverse this ordering by passing -l/--merge-left.

You can temporarily set individual values by passing -s KEY=VALUE (or --set KEY=VALUE). You can pass -s multiple times.

You can temporarily set individual values from other env files by passing -f KEY=ENV_NAME (or --from KEY=ENV_NAME). This works the same way as as -e, except only the specified variable is merged. If there isn't a variable named KEY set in the provided env file, it's a no-op.


  • add --no-clobber vel sim.


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