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no-std daisy

A board support package for the Electro-Smith Daisy Seed and Patch SM

17 unstable releases (8 breaking)

0.10.0 Jun 10, 2024
0.9.0 Jan 16, 2024
0.8.0 Sep 23, 2023
0.7.3 Jan 2, 2023
0.5.0 May 15, 2022

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Rust no_std, embedded_hal board support package for the Electro-Smith Daisy platform.

Supported boards

Currently this library supports following boards:

Select the board by using its respective feature.

Flashing an example

Using DFU. Connect using a sigle USB cable, click BOOT+RESET before flashing:

make flash-dfu WHAT=blinky BOARD=seed_1_1

Using probe-rs. This requires ST-Link probe, but provides additional logs and panic messages:

make flash WHAT=blinky BOARD=seed_1_1

API stability

I am still trying to figure out a good API for the project. Expect it to change. To mitigate breakage of your code on library update, use macros defined under board.rs to initialize resources whenever possible.

HAL compatibility

This library is closely tied to stm32h7xx-hal. Make sure to use compatible versions in your Cargo.toml.

Daisy HAL
0.10 0.16
0.9 0.15
0.8 0.14
0.2-0.7 0.12
0.1 0.11


  • This library aims to abstract all peripherals that are available on Daisy.
  • This library will not abstract anything that is not on Daisy, e.g. pots, SD cards, MIDI, ...


This library is distributed under the terms of the MIT license. See LICENSE for details.

This project was forked from antoinevg/daisy_bsp. Kudos to Antoine for making his library public.


Read the CHANGELOG.md to learn about changes introduced in each release.


See VERSIONING.md to find detailed information about versioning of the project.


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