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Mathematical modeling using symbolic trees

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Cycle is a symbolic mathematics and modeling library based on expression trees that focuses on numerical analysis and find applications in physics, astronomy, biology, artificial intelligence and many more.

Research driven

Cycle's main objective is to help researchers from different areas to design models and build numerical simulations in a pleasant way, with performance and modularity.

Getting started

To use cycle, you will need Git for cloning and a modern Rust version with Cargo for the compilation and testing,

# Clone the repository
$ git clone https://github.com/hrkz/cycle && cd cycle

# Start the compilation and download dependencies
$ cargo build
$ cargo test # Run tests (optional)
$ cargo run # Run the interpreter (optional)

or with the crate

cycle = "0.2.1"
📖 book | docs To get started with the library, learn the basics through the book, reference documentation and examples

No runtime deps


  • cycle_lang
  • cycle_plot