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no-std cstr_core

Implementation of CStr and CString for no_std environments

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0.2.4 Jul 15, 2021
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0.2.2 Aug 23, 2020
0.2.0 Apr 12, 2020
0.1.0 Oct 12, 2017

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This crate provides implementations of CStr and CString which do not depend on the standard library and are suitable for no_std environments.

CString support is only available if the alloc feature is enabled, which requires the alloc crate. CStr is always available.

Some hardware targets (e.g. thumbv6m-none-eabi for Cortex M0,M0+) have no support for atomic operations. For these platforms, disable the arc feature to omit the parts of the crate that depend on atomic operations. Compatibility with thead-safe code and Arc<T> will not be available.

In addition, the nightly feature allows the usage of CStr::from_bytes_with_nul_unchecked to be used in a const context. However, it requires a nightly version of the compiler.




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