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app covidd

Render current covid data for Dresden in the terminal

3 releases

0.1.9 Feb 3, 2021
0.1.8 Feb 3, 2021
0.1.7 Nov 28, 2020

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Render COVID-19 case data for Dresden in the terminal



This tool is build with Rust so you need to have a rust toolchain and cargo installed. If you don't, please visit https://rustup.rs/ and follow their instructions.


The preferred way is to run:

make install

If you do not have a fairly recent make (on macOS, homebrew can install a newer version), or don't want to use make, you can also run cargo install --path ..

Already built binaries

If you don't want to compile on your own, you can find binaries at the Github release page.


Run covidd.

  • Press Up/Right to zoom in
  • Press Down/Left to zoom out
  • Press Home/End to fully zoom in/out
  • Press 1 through 9 to zoom to the latest weeks
  • Press q to quit

Run covidd --help for an overview of more available options.


have a look at doc/screenshot.png

License: MIT OR Apache-2.0


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