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Fast cp provides an alternative to cp that focuses on maximizing performance

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2.1.0 Apr 9, 2024
2.0.0 Jan 10, 2024
1.1.10 Dec 10, 2023
1.1.9 Oct 9, 2023
0.1.0 Nov 27, 2021

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cp zippy


A zippy alternative to cp, a tool to copy files and directories.


Use prebuilt binaries

Binaries for a number of platforms are available on the release page.

Build from source

$ cargo install cpz

To install cargo, follow these instructions.


Background: https://github.com/SUPERCILEX/fuc/blob/master/README.md

Copy a file:

$ cpz from to

Copy a directory:

$ cpz from_dir to_dir

Overwrite existing files:

$ cpz -f from existing

Flip the argument order (for better composability with other commands for example):

$ cpz -t to_first from

Force the source files to be copied into the destination by making the path look like a directory:

$ cpz from dest/

More details:

$ cpz --help
A zippy alternative to `cp`, a tool to copy files and directories

Usage: cpz[EXE] [OPTIONS] <FROM>... <TO>

          The file(s) or directory(ies) to be copied
          If multiple files are specified, they will be copied into the target destination rather
          than to it. The same is true of directory names (`foo/`, `.`, `..`): that is, `cpz a b/`
          places `a` inside `b` as opposed to `cpz a b` which makes `b` become `a`.

          The copy destination

  -f, --force
          Overwrite existing files

  -t, --reverse-args
          Reverse the argument order so that it becomes `cpz <TO> <FROM>...`

  -h, --help
          Print help (use `-h` for a summary)

  -V, --version
          Print version


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