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Some simple portable command line utilities

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About CommandIt

These are easy to setup cli tools that I may wish to have consistent and available on multiple platforms. To do so for easy cross-platform support and reasonable performance, I am using Rust. None of these will be particularly special, but this package also helps me define what I feel are best practices for Rust development.


Make "install" is sufficient to install these tools into /usr/local/bin. The Makefile makes it easy to build release and debug targets, and to produce a stand-alone distribution tarball that can then be loaded into a build system. This package can also be installed from cargo.


My Makefile includes a "dist" target, which produces a stand-alone tarball that can then be used to build install the tools detached from the repo. This is particularly useful for OS packaging. I will add a "lint", "test", and "coverage" target to test and verify code. The default make builds binaries in target/{build-type} using cargo build, where they can then be tested.


Support is offered thru https://codeberg.org/dyfet/commandit/issues. I also have dyfet@jabber.org. In the future maybe other means of support will become possible.


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