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Command line tool for playing CodinGame puzzles and Clash of Code

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new 0.3.0 May 20, 2024
0.2.0 Apr 26, 2024

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Command line tool that allows you to play Clash of Code style problems locally on your computer.


coctus demo


Detailed user guide is available in the wiki.


The program has only been tested on Linux and Windows. Other platforms may or may not work!

(Option 1) Install latest release from crates.io

You may need to install pkg-config and libssl-dev or equivalent for this to work (apt install pkg-config libssl-dev on Ubuntu).

$ cargo install coctus

(Option 2) Download latest release as a pre-built executable

Download the latest binary for your operating system from releases and extract it somewhere on your $PATH.

This method requires git and a relatively recent (1.73+ should work) version of the Rust toolchain.

$ git clone https://github.com/Andriamanitra/coctus
$ cargo install --path=.


Use Github issues for bug reports and features requests. Pull requests are also welcome, but please open an issue beforehand to discuss bigger changes.


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