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app cheat_checker

Detects similarities between sets of files

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Detects similarities between sets of files, intended to detect academic dishonesty.


  1. Install rust, either directly through your system's package manager, or by installing rustup and running rustup install stable.
  2. Run cargo install cheat_checker.
  3. Done! Run cheat_checker --help for usage instructions.


Yeah, it's quite slow. The reason for making this was mostly the UX, not the speed, but I did try to optimize it. I did some benchmarks, and it turns out the python-Levenshtein library for python is about 16 times faster than eddie (which is what this program uses) and strsim. It's written in C or C++, and pretty arcane C/C++ at that. I did what I could and added some multithreading, but on my 4-core laptop, it's still about 8 times slower than using python-Levenshtein single-threaded.

Heavily inspired by copy_checker. Licensed under the GNU General Public License V3.0.


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