Cargo Features

Bpaf has no features set by default.

bpaf = { version = "0.9.9", features = ["derive", "extradocs", "batteries", "autocomplete", "color", "dull-color", "docgen", "unstable-docs"] }
derive unstable-docs? = bpaf_derive
extradocs unstable-docs?
batteries unstable-docs?

Affects bpaf::batteries

autocomplete unstable-docs?

Affects complete_shell::ParseCompShell, bpaf::Parser.complete, bpaf::Parser.complete_shell, structs::ParseComp

color bright-color? dull-color? = owo-colors, supports-color

this feature used internally to switch between different code generation,
users should pick between bright-color or dull-color

bright-color dull-color = color
docgen unstable-docs?
unstable-docs = autocomplete, batteries, derive, docgen, extradocs

this feature is used for local development to make it easier to generate documentation

Features from optional dependencies

In crates that don't use the dep: syntax, optional dependencies automatically become Cargo features.

bpaf_derive derive?
owo-colors color?
supports-color color?

Enables supports-color ^2.0.0