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cargo-simple-todo, a simple cargo tool for checking todo(s)

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Cargo simple todo


Because probablyclem/cargo-todo is a nice tool, but it does way too much for my taste.

How to use it

Install it with cargo install cargo-simple-todo.

Every todo must be inside a // comment and must start with either @todo or @todo: (case insensitve)

Example todo comments:

// @todo: Do this thing

// @TodO do this weird thing

// Something @todo Do this
//@TODO : something else

Then execute cargo todo.

Try with cargo todo --help for further usage info.

Exit code

  • If any todos are found, exit code 1 is returned to allow use in CI.

  • For general errors, exit code 255 is returned.

Thanks to orenbenkiki/cargo-todox for the inspiration on this one.


probablyclem/cargo-todo and cargo-simple-todo conflict, so you can't keep them both installed (they both use the cargo-todo bin name).


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