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Lightweight command line utility for removing dependencies and build artifacts from unused projects

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Lightweight command line utility for removing dependencies and build artifacts from unused local projects. Inspired by npkill.

Supported project types:

  • Cargo
  • Node
  • Mix
  • .NET Core
  • Gradle
  • Composer
  • Misc (see "Addional Information")


cargo install polykill


polykill [OPTIONS] [DIR]

Polykill will recursively search for projects in the provided directory and output a list of all projects found. If no directory is provided, the current directory will be searched.

Move between listed projects using ↓,↑,←,→ and press enter to delete artifacts for the selected project.

Press q or esc to exit.

Warning for Node projects: Some Node applications need their node_modules directory to work and deleting it may break them.


Argument Description
-v, --verbose Verbose output
-n, --no-git Include projects not tracked by git
-s, --skip-empty Hide projects with zero possible disk savings
-u, --unsorted Don't sort projects
-h, --help Print help
-V, --version Print version

*--no-git option will slow down project search

Additional Information

How projects are identified and which directories are used for dependencies and build artifacts:

Type Identifier(s) Directories
Node package.json node_modules
Cargo cargo.toml target
Mix mix.exs _build, deps
.NET Core .csproj bin, obj
Gradle build.gradle(.kts) build
Composer composer.json vendor
Misc bin, build, dist bin, build, dist


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