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Mono repository for cargo.


cargo install cargo-mono


cargo mono bump

cargo mono bump swc_common --breaking

This will bump version of swc_common and its dependants. --breaking is optional, and if omitted, only patch (according to semver) of specified crate is bumped.

cargo mono publish

cargo mono publish

The command defaults to publishing all publishable crates.

Publishing only some of crates

cargo mono publish swc_ecmascript

This command will publish dependencies of swc_ecmascript first and swc_ecmascript.

When only dependencies are changed

swc_ecmascript rexports swc_ecma_transforms and Cargo.toml of swc_ecmascript specifies

swc_ecma_transforms = "0.1"

When you made a small change to swc_ecma_transforms and do not want to change version of swc_ecmascript, you can do

cargo mono publish --allow-only-deps swc_ecmascript


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