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Build ArchLinux packages with Cargo

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A Cargo extension similar to cargo-deb which allows building of Arch Linux packages from cargo. This makes it quick-and-easy to send your Rust projects to your Arch using friends!

This process involves building a PKGBUILD file and invoking makepkg to create a .tar.xz package and a .SRCINFO file.


cargo install cargo-makepkg
cargo makepkg
cat target/archlinux/<version>/PKGBUILD

Information will be extracted from Cargo.toml to create a PKGBUILD file. If you have any differing information, it can be specified in the [package.metadata.archlinux_pkgbuild] section of Cargo.toml. See src/config/arch.rs for available fields.

Similar Projects

cargo-makepkg is technically a heavily-modified fork of cargo-arch, which builds PKGBUILD files based on the contents of Cargo.toml.

cargo-pkgbuild is similar to cargo-arch and accomplishes the same goal in a much simpler way.


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