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Highly readable supplement to man pages. Shows simple, concise examples for commands

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bropages (bro)

A CLI to interact with bropages.org.

Highly readable supplement to man pages. Shows simple, concise examples for commands with syntax highlighting.

Crates.io License


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The binary name for bropages is bro.

Currently bropages is only available through cargo.

cargo install bropages

Available options

    bro [OPTIONS] <query>

            Command to lookup

    -h, --help
            Print help information

            Display a list of supported themes for syntax highlighting.

            Disable piping of the output through a pager

    -s, --search
            Search if provided query exist in the database
            This searches for entries in the http://bropages.org database

    -t, --theme <theme>
            Set the theme for syntax highlighting, default is `OneHalfDark`. Use '--list-themes' to
            see all available themes.

            [possible values: 1337, Coldark-Cold, Coldark-Dark, DarkNeon, Dracula, GitHub, "Monokai
            Extended", "Monokai Extended Bright", "Monokai Extended Light", "Monokai Extended
            Origin", Nord, OneHalfDark, OneHalfLight, "Solarized (dark)", "Solarized (light)",
            "Sublime Snazzy", TwoDark, "Visual Studio Dark+", ansi, base16, base16-256,
            gruvbox-dark, gruvbox-light, zenburn]

    -V, --version
            Print version information


  • This is an unofficial rust port of ruby bropages.
  • I don't have any intentions to add the add, no/...no or thanks commands.


  • Cache results ?


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