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An internal Bevy crate used to facilitate optional dynamic linking via the 'dynamic_linking' feature

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new 0.13.0 Feb 17, 2024
0.12.1 Nov 30, 2023
0.11.3 Sep 27, 2023
0.11.0 Jul 9, 2023
0.4.0 Dec 19, 2020

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This module is separated into its own crate to enable simple dynamic linking for Bevy, and should not be used directly Integrate with platform accessibility APIs. Build bevy apps, create plugins, and read events. Load and store assets and resources for Apps. Contains core plugins. Useful diagnostic plugins and types for bevy apps. Bevy's entity-component-system. Resources and events for inputs, e.g. mouse/keyboard, touch, gamepads, etc. Logging capabilities Math types (Vec3, Mat4, Quat, etc) and helpers. Utilities for working with untyped pointers in a more safe way. Type reflection used for dynamically interacting with rust types. Save/load collections of entities and components to/from file. Pools for async, IO, and compute tasks. Contains time utilities. Entity hierarchies and property inheritance Local and global transforms (e.g. translation, scale, rotation). Various miscellaneous utilities for easing development Configuration, creation, and management of one or more windows. Provides types and plugins for animations. Provides types and plugins for audio playback. Core render pipeline. Bevy interface with GilRs - "Game Input Library for Rust" - to handle gamepad inputs. Support for GLTF file loading. Physically based rendering. Cameras, meshes, textures, shaders, and pipelines. Use RenderDevice::features, RenderDevice::limits, and the RenderAdapterInfo resource to get runtime information about the actual adapter, backend, features, and limits. Items for sprites, rects, texture atlases, etc. Text drawing, styling, and font assets. User interface components and widgets. Window creation, configuration, and handling Immediate mode drawing api for visual debugging.


fn system(mut gizmos: Gizmos) {
    gizmos.line(Vec3::ZERO, Vec3::X, Color::GREEN);

See the documentation on Gizmos for more examples. Dynamic linking of plugins


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