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Allows you to define Bevy components direclty inside gltf files and instanciate the components on the Bevy side

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0.5.1 Mar 18, 2024
0.5.0 Mar 4, 2024
0.4.0 Mar 4, 2024
0.3.2 Feb 19, 2024
0.1.3 Sep 29, 2023

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This crate allows you to define Bevy components direclty inside gltf files and instanciate the components on the Bevy side.


important : the plugin for processing gltf files runs in update , so you cannot use the components directly if you spawn your scene from gltf in setup (the additional components will not show up)

Please see the

  • example
  • or use bevy_asset_loader for reliable preloading of files, as this crate does not deal with loading your assets.
  • alternatively, use the bevy_gltf_blueprints crate, built on this crate's features, that allows you to directly spawn entities from gltf based blueprints.

Here's a minimal usage example:

# Cargo.toml
bevy_gltf_components = { version = "0.5"} 

//too barebones of an example to be meaningfull, please see https://github.com/kaosat-dev/Blender_bevy_components_workflow/bevy_gltf_components/examples/basic for a real example
 fn main() {
 fn spawn_level(
   asset_server: Res<AssetServer>, 
   mut commands: bevy::prelude::Commands,
   keycode: Res<Input<KeyCode>>,

 if keycode.just_pressed(KeyCode::Return) {
  commands.spawn(SceneBundle {
   scene: asset_server.load("basic/models/level1.glb#Scene0"),
   transform: Transform::from_xyz(2.0, 0.0, -5.0),


Add the following to your [dependencies] section in Cargo.toml:

bevy_gltf_components = "0.5"

Or use cargo add:

cargo add bevy_gltf_components


starting with version 0.3, this plugin is configurable Use the default configuration:


Or disable the legacy mode: (enabled by default)

ComponentsFromGltfPlugin{legacy_mode: false}

You need to disable legacy mode if you want to use the bevy_components Blender addon + the bevy_registry_export crate ! As it create custom properties that are writen in real ron file format instead of a simplified version (the one in the legacy mode)

Note: the legacy mode support will be dropped in future versions, and the default behaviour will be NO legacy mode


the ordering of systems is very important !

For example to replace your proxy components (stand-in components when you cannot/ do not want to use real components in the gltf file) with actual ones,

which should happen AFTER the components from the gltf files have been injected,

so bevy_gltf_components provides a SystemSet for that purpose:GltfComponentsSet

Typically , the order of systems should be

bevy_gltf_components (GltfComponentsSet::Injection) => replace_proxies

Additional features

  • as of version 0.5 , this crate also includes automatic handling of lights in gltf files, to attempt to match Blender's eevee rendering as close as possible:
  • BlenderLightShadows (automatically generated by the gltf_auto_export Blender add-on) allows you to toggle light's shadows on/off in Blender and have matching behaviour in Bevy
  • BlenderBackgroundShader aka background color is also automatically set on the Bevy side
  • BlenderShadowSettings sets the cascade_size on the bevy side to match the one configured in Blender

If these components are present in your gltf file, they will be handled automatically by this crate, will be ignored otherwise.



Compatible Bevy versions

The main branch is compatible with the latest Bevy release, while the branch bevy_main tries to track the main branch of Bevy (PRs updating the tracked commit are welcome).

Compatibility of bevy_gltf_components versions:

bevy_gltf_components bevy
0.5 0.13
0.2 - 0.4 0.12
0.1 0.11
branch main 0.13
branch bevy_main main


This crate, all its code, contents & assets is Dual-licensed under either of


~1.5M SLoC