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Automaat Core

🚧 Work In Progress 🚧



Automaat can help you automate mundane and repeated tasks in a flexible way.

Its goal is to provide a simplified, user-friendly, and highly-customisable interface that combines "customer support" software, job schedulers and ad-hoc shell scripts you might currently be using at your organisation.

Automaat consists of several core crates:

  • automaat-core (this one) – Provides the basic building blocks for the functionality of the other crates.
  • automaat-server – A server application, with an API to run processors, and persistent storage.
  • automaat-web-client – A WebAssembly-based application to interact with the server, and run processors.

There are also serveral existing processor implementations, each in their own crate:

Using the automaat-server crate, you can combine multiple processors into a single Pipeline, combined with a set of runtime Variables, to create easy-to-use workflows to perform a specific task.


This crate, automaat-core, provides the main Processor trait to create new processors, and run them.

It also provides access to the Context object, to share state between multiple processors in a single run.

If you want to write your own processor, be sure to check out the documentation of the Processor trait.


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