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A crate to simplify reading, writing and converting between a range of audio formats

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0.3.0 Jan 14, 2021
0.2.0 Dec 15, 2017
0.1.0 Feb 20, 2017

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A crate to simplify reading, writing and converting between a range of audio formats.

The crate specifically focuses on pure-rust implementations of audio format decoders and encoders to ensure ease of use, portability, safety and performance.

Supported Formats

Format Extensions Read Write Cargo Feature Dependencies
FLAC "flac" YES - flac claxon
Ogg Vorbis "ogg", "oga" YES - ogg_vorbis lewton
WAV "wav", "wave" YES - wav hound
ALAC (within CAF) "caf" YES - caf_alac caf alac

All supported formats are enabled by default, however you can hand-pick only the formats you require using cargo features. For example, if you only required the WAV and FLAC formats, you could use the --no-default-features and --features "wav flac" flags when building with cargo.


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