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no-std boba

Encoder and decoder for the Bubble Babble binary data encoding

9 stable releases (3 major)

new 5.0.0 Aug 8, 2022
4.3.1 Mar 30, 2022
4.2.0 Jan 6, 2021
4.1.2 Dec 24, 2020
0.0.0 Mar 23, 2020

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Implements the the Bubble Babble binary data encoding.

The Bubble Babble Encoding encodes arbitrary binary data into pseudowords that are more natural to humans and that can be pronounced relatively easily.

Bubble Babble encodes 6 characters in 16 bits and includes a checksum embedded in the encoded data. See the Bubble Babble spec.


Add this to your Cargo.toml:

boba = "5.0.0"

Then encode and decode data like:

assert_eq!(boba::encode("Pineapple"), "xigak-nyryk-humil-bosek-sonax");
assert_eq!(boba::decode(b"xexax"), Ok(vec![]));

Crate Features

Boba is no_std compatible with a required dependency on the alloc crate.

Boba has several Cargo features, all of which are enabled by default:

  • std - Adds a dependency on std, the Rust Standard Library. This feature enables std::error::Error implementations on error types in this crate. Enabling the std feature also enables the alloc feature.

boba is fuzzed with cargo-fuzz.

Minimum Rust Version Policy

This crate's minimum supported rustc version (MSRV) is 1.42.0.

MSRV may be bumped in minor version releases.


boba is licensed under the MIT License (c) Ryan Lopopolo.

No runtime deps