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A cargo subcommand for using libFuzzer! Easy to use! No need to recompile LLVM!

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cargo fuzz

A cargo subcommand for using libFuzzer! Easy to use! No need to recompile LLVM!

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$ cargo install cargo-fuzz

Note: libFuzzer needs LLVM sanitizer support, so this only works on x86-64 Linux and x86-64 macOS for now. This also needs a nightly Rust toolchain since it uses some unstable command-line flags. Finally, you'll also need a C++ compiler with C++11 support.

If you have an old version of cargo fuzz, you can upgrade with this command:

$ cargo install -f cargo-fuzz


cargo fuzz init

Initialize a cargo fuzz project for your crate!

cargo fuzz add <target>

Create a new fuzzing target!

cargo fuzz run <target>

Run a fuzzing target and find bugs!

cargo fuzz fmt <target> <input>

Print the std::fmt::Debug output for a test case. Useful when your fuzz target takes an Arbitrary input!

cargo fuzz tmin <target> <input>

Found a failing input? Minify it to the smallest input that causes that failure for easier debugging!

cargo fuzz cmin <target>

Minify your corpus of input files!


Documentation can be found in the Rust Fuzz Book.

You can also always find the full command-line options that are available with --help:

$ cargo fuzz --help

Trophy case

The trophy case has a list of bugs found by cargo fuzz (and others). Did cargo fuzz and libFuzzer find a bug for you? Add it to the trophy case!


cargo-fuzz is distributed under the terms of both the MIT license and the Apache License (Version 2.0).



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