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The advanced but simple commandline interface for invoice invocation. This is an internal tool of the Studentencafe ascii in Dresden and therefore specialized for our use cases

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3.10.0 Jan 13, 2020
3.9.0 Nov 24, 2019
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The advanced but simple commandline interface for invoice invocation.

NoSql, blockchain based, serverless, cross-platform project management tool.

Here I rewrite the original ascii-invoicer in Rust. Why? Because!


The ascii-invoicer is a command-line tool that manages projects and stores them not in a database but in a folder structure. New projects can be created from templates and are stored in a working directory. Projects can be archived, each year will have its own archive. A project consists of a folder containing a yaml file describing it and a number of attached files, such tex files. Projects can contain products and personal. You can create preliminary offers and invoices from your projects.


To use (experimental) features use the --features flag. Please check the Cargo.toml for an up-to-date list of features. To get a full cli tool build with the feature full_tool.

Minimum required version of rustc: 1.32


You can install the package asciii-git from the AUR.


You can install asciii via homebrew.

$ brew tap ascii-dresden/formulae
$ brew install asciii

Using cargo

Just plain old cargo install --git https://github.com/ascii-dresden/asciii or cargo install asciii will do.


You need at least rustc, cargo, cmake, git and zlib1g-dev to run this. If you want to use webapp feature make sure yarn is installed.


Hint! After the first build you can removed the content of build.rss fn main() during dev for significantly improved compile times :D

Ubuntu 16.04

We recommend installing rustup with the following command:

$ curl https://sh.rustup.rs -sSf | sh

This installs rustc, cargo, rustup and other standard tools.

Ubuntu Requirements

You need at least cmake and zlib1g-dev to run this.


After installation simply run asciii and it will present you with a list of possible subcommands. asciii help list will give you a comprehensive explanation of what asciii list does.

You can also run asciii doc which will take you to the complete online user and development documentation. Further information may be found in the README of version 2.5

web server

ASCIII_LOG=debug cargo +nightly run --no-default-features --features server --bin asciii-server --release ASCIII_LOG=debug cargo +nightly run --no-default-features --features webapp --bin asciii-server --release


asciii uses Rusts env_logger. To enable logging you have to set ASCIII_LOG=debug. Besides debug, you can also use trace, warn or error. You can enable logging per-module logging like this: ASCIII_LOG=storage=debug. Modules are all top-level files and folders in src/.


When you build with the "localize" feature then the lang/default.pot should be updated automatically during the build. If you have gettext installed you can run

msgmerge -U lang/de.po lang/default.pot

to update the german local file lang/de.po. Now you only need to update any empty field and check the file in as well.


asciii comes with different sets of feature configurations, most of which are there to speed up development time. By default most useful features are turned on, such as webapp, shell and localization. You can build asciii with a reduced features set by passing these arguments to cargo build:

<<<<<<< HEAD

--no-default-features --features full_tool

  • everything except the webserver

--no-default-features --features mini_tool


--no-default-features --features full_tool

  • everything except the webserver

--no-default-features --features mini_tool

a76b17a24... fix: open file paths, not just folders

  • no shell, git_statuses, localization, meta or serde, just cli and document_export

Please check Cargo.toml for all features.


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